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I have created a new blog:

I plan on starting fresh from the new blog….  come and visit!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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100 days of scouting

So, still here. Just haven’t has the time to blog or to write something everyday. Still in scouting and still active. Just couldnt keep up for the full 100.


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Day 38

Today in Scouting I went to Cub Scout Roundtable.  This is something that happens once a month when various leaders from around the district get together and discuss the Cub Scout Program.  Tonight we discussed a Spring Cub-o-Ree, Spring Round Up (instead of doing it in the Fall), Fall Cub-o-Ree and Spring Cub-o-Ree 2012.  We also discussed the Lions program for next year that our Pack will be participating in and are already full.

Somehow between e-mail interchanges with the roundtable commish, I have gotten roped into being the goto person for the Fall cub-o-ree.  My idea so far is to do a spook-o-ree.  Well, since I already had an idea of what to do, I guess I got the job.  Should be fun and I figure since I will be planning a Pack event for October anyway, this will be something I am already working on.

Also in the plans, a twilight ‘day’ camp for August.

YIS – Warren

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Day 37

Today in scouting:

– Sent in tour permits for a couple of dens

– Not much else.  Work is taking over scouting for now.  I will need to get back into it as I am getting behind in the scouting world.

– Roundtable is coming up on Thursday.  Wonder how that will go.

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Day 36

Today in scouting I:

  • Helped CM with rechartering.  We are losing a few scouts next year but overall pretty good.  Son’s den has 100% recharter.  Hopefully the boys he started with will continue to AOL and then onto Boy Scouts.  I think that will keep my son interested.  As much as the DLs work, it really comes down to staying with their friends and having fun with their friends.
  • Received inquiries from DLs to obtain tour permits.  Our great Tiger DLs have actually figured out how to meet the requirements for going to a local radio station.  One Tiger den is going to a local college station, the other is going to a local ballpark that does the recording of the game.  Way cool.

YIS – Warren

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Day 35

Den meeting night!  We had our den meeting tonight at the church.  Since the time has changed, a lot of the dens were outside playing games, exercising and helping to clean up the church property.  It is good to be Spring!

I had to change the date for our Hike coming up this weekend due to coaching soccer on Saturday.  This was a hard decision to make since I had already put the date out there to the pack.  However, family has to come first and I have also made the commitment to my younger two kids to coach their soccer teams.

We also tried to finalize our rechartering tonight.  We almost have 100% of the scouts rechartering with only a few that haven’t made up their minds to recharter or not.  We will probably be over 100 next year with the new scouts and the Lions.  We are quickly approaching our limit.

Roundtable is coming up this Thursday.  I am staring to work with our Roundtable commissioner on a couple of district events coming up including day camp and a cub-o-ree in the Fall.  That’s right, a glutton for punishment.

Son worked on magic tricks in his den meeting tonight and showed me one when he came home.  Pretty cool.  I think he is actually having more fun without his dad as his den leader.  Some kids are like that.

YIS – Warren

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