Lion T-shirt design, part 2

Well, we made a few changes to the Lions T-shirt and made it look more like a ‘uniform’ with a Lion type patch design on the front.  With this one, we will also have a hat that will match the shirt that will have a Lion patch type design on the front similar to the Tiger, Wolf, Bear hats.

Design your own custom t-shirts online!

I think we may go with this one.  Thoughts?

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2 Responses to Lion T-shirt design, part 2

  1. Kevin Devin says:

    I really wish we had Lion Cubs here in our Council/District. I think we end up missing this boys to sports and other activities because of it. We turned away several K-aged boys this past fall. Now to see if we can regain their interest here in the Spring before summer starts!

    Nice shirt design.

    • Thanks! You can always ask your DE to see if it is possible. I must say we aren’t the first in our district. There is another pack in our district running Lions this year already and we are going to copy a lot of what they are doing for next year.

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